So, maybe you just stumbled upon our #soulsite, or started following us on instagram recently, or just joined our #soultribe, or came to one of our workshops and want to be a part of our community, or maybe just one of our friends or family offering your support...(thank you by the way )!  

Here we are sending newsletters, offering services, sharing our #soulspirations and even asking you to share YOUR #soulshift stories, yet you might be asking yourself….

Sooooo, What IS #SOULSHIFT anyway!?  

We get it and it is a great question!

To us, there is #SOULSHIFT...which IS us, our brand, the community we are trying to build, products and services we are offering to support our overall mission, and still so much more we have brewing to create…

And, then there is A #SOULSHIFT

If we were to offer our own “definition”, this is our breakdown:

SOUL: essence, truth, depth, embodiment, substance.
SHIFT: move or cause to move from one place to another, a slight change in position, direction, or tendency.
#SOULSHIFT: any movement or shift into or from within one’s #SOUL, prompting a change in thought, perspective or direction transforming one’s life.

With that, we believe A #SOULSHIFT is when you connect to the truest part of yourself and something shifts, prompting a change or new direction for the next chapter in your life.


We created #SOULSHIFT, with the intention to connect and help facilitate #soulshifts, individually and collectively.  To encourage, inspire, motivate YOU to shift into your #soul and connect to the most authentic part of yourself and live from that place within, #soulfully with happiness, health, fulfillment and purpose.  More importantly, to encourage you to trust and to follow your own #soulshfits.

We hope to do this by offering you our services, gifts, our #soulstories and #soulspirations and by building a #SOULSHIFT community we all can be a part of.

It is OUR dream to create a #soulciety were we can all connect #SOUL2SOUL.  

It is not just about us, we want to learn more about YOU, your dreams, desires, ideas, thoughts and #soulstories.  

So, now that you have a better understanding of what #SOULSHIFT is, what we are setting out to do and what the means to us, we would love to hear from YOU!

Can you recall a time in your life when something suddenly changed within you?  Maybe you had a shift in thought, perspective or idea that led you to a new phase of your life or to make a bold decision?  Perhaps, it wasn’t even an earth shattering, life altering change, maybe slow and subtle but nonetheless, transformative. We imagine you have had variations of these, likely many times throughout your life.  

Soooo….tell us!

What has been one of YOUR Greatest #SOULSHIFTS?  When something just clicked and everything shifted??


The foundation of #SOULSHIFT is built upon the principles of 


We commit to being in alignment with that by being

honest, authentic, true to our word & ourselves & by being open & present.

And we will do this by creating authentic content to share our stories, insights, inspirations and offerings with the community, to connect and shift humanity into #soul, and by always staying open to the shifts of our #soul.

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