Destiny Rael

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Meet Destiny, a bright light-worker, truth seeker and soul seer that has a contagious personality, heart and spirit as vibrant as her style and laughter!  Her #soulosophy is grounded in the belief that when we live life authentically and embrace our individual #soultruth, it is the only way towards true freedom and the very light that guides our way!  

Destiny’s Destiny has taken her on quite a journey allowing her to express her many passions.   As a natural born #soul singer and entertainer, she followed her first love for music, working as a performer, singer, songwriter, host and actress in New York City and Hollywood, #soulshining her infectious spirit and vivacious nature.  She extended her creative desires with successful jobs in various industries from music business, fashion and makeup artistry with intention to help others express their soul creatively aligned with their true #soulessence.

Alongside her passions, something else was always stirring.  From as long as she can remember, she has felt deeply called towards exploring higher truths and expanding the soul, exploring different philosophies, psychology, Eastern religions, spirituality, metaphysical teachings, energy, wellness and holistic studies.  Even with years of #soulstudies, it has been through her own walk of life, stumbles and hardships that led to her first spiritual awakening.  From facing childhood trauma to early divorce in her 20’s, this prompted spiritual practice and her commitment to serve, where she became an advocate, speaker, mentor and crisis counselor for organizations such as Peace over Violence, RAINN and Violence Intervention Program, using her voice and own story of child sexual abuse to bring awareness and empower other #soulsurvivors as well. 

But, nothing brought her to her knees as that of the tragedy of losing her brother and #soulmate, Joseph.  This has been her greatest heartache, teacher and darkest period that ultimately propelled her on her deepest spiritual journey yet, stretching the unknown depths of her #soul.  

Though a lifelong process, her grieving and healing has broken her open to a profound compassion and need to connect and assist others through their own life transitions and griefs.  Now as a certified Transformational Life Coach, Destiny hopes to help others uncover their #soultruths, #soulrealizations and live their true #soulpurpose and DESTiNY!

Together, in commitment to truth, #soulful living and authenticity is where Destiny and Colette #soulcollided, true #soulsisters with the same mission to encourage, uplift and inspire others to live their best #soulselves inward out and BOOM, #SOULSHIFT was born! 



What is #SOUL to you? I believe SOUL is the depth, truth, substance, root and pure essence of something.  You might not be able to see it or touch it physically but you know it and feel it to your core. I feel that is what my soul is… the real, true me..my spirit, my pure energy, occupying my physical body.  When I connect to the SOUL of something else…I know it to be true, pure and divine!

How do you serve your #SOUL? There are a few ways I feel to answer this. I serve my soul by honoring , expressing and allowing myself to live according to the truth of my soul in every aspect of my life. It isn’t always easy, but when I do, I am freer, clearer, lighter and brighter offering my pure, honest and best self to those around me and in the world. I always feel my best from my #soulspace. As far as external ways I serve my soul, if it brings me joy and makes me happy inside, I do it, like hiking, spending time with my doggie Sierra (I love her soullll much), my morning coffee, talking about my brother, burning incense, music, singing, listening to my favorite spiritual thought leaders, cooking and learning new ways to cook healthy conscious foods, (sometimes just walking around Wholefoods makes me happy lol), connecting with my family and friends, being of service to others lights my soul up, reading things that inspire me, challenge me and expand me and of course, laughing so hard my cheeks hurt!

What is your #soulname? (What word(s) would be used to name your #SOUL? How does your #SOUL like to be introduced?) TRUTHSEERSAYER - I have been blessed to have what I feel a powerful, divinely led name… DESTINY… so I do feel that is part of my #soulname in essence. But, if I were to introduce my soul, it would definitely be TRUTHSEERSAYER….. I see truth, I speak truth, I sense truth, I seek truth, I am truth.

What is your #soulcolor? (Which color does your #SOUL express itself through? What does this color mean to you?) I love this because my favorite color to my eyes is purple! So, I was surprised to connect and truly realize my #SOULCOLOR (although I might be several colors ;) is RED with maybe some shades of orange and yellow. RED signifies my soul’s strength, authenticity, groundedness and purpose. The splashes of orange and yellow, signify brightness and cheerfulness. I am #sunnysoulup!

What is your #soulsaying? (If your #SOUL speaks one thing to you right now, what does it say?) In this very moment, truthfully, my soul is telling me to choose to focus on what I AM doing, not what I haven’t done or still have yet to do. To be proud of where I am now and how far I have come. To be more patient with myself, trusting that my soul knows where I am going and I will get there. It’s my DESTINY afterall and THAT is the truth!