Colette Carlsson

#soulshiner #souligniter #soulhealer #soulburster #soulseeker #soulempower-er #soulcreator

With a Heart of gold, Soul that shines, and as her distinct British accent implies, Colette is YOUniquely her own!

Originally from a quaint little island in the English Channel, Guernsey, Colette left to follow her heart to #soulshiny Los Angeles, where she could further pursue her passion for the arts and entertainment!!  AKA #coletteincollywood.  Fresh of the plane, it wasn’t long before she landed roles in TV, film and commercials, modeling for various brands, starring in music videos, recording and performing music alongside major celebrities, selling her own professional art pieces and all the while her career is blossoming, she met the love of her life, Johan ….whom is now her husband!   

Yet, with the stars in her eyes and love in her heart…. her soul has been on an even deeper journey exploring every aspect of spirituality, from astrology, reiki, chakras, sound healing, quantum physics, hypnotherapy, biofeedback, holistic studies, energy healing, wellness, yoga and all things healing arts, resulting in her becoming a certified reiki master and teacher, energy healer and leading sound bath meditations.

It’s been through the tapestry of her life though, that has been her greatest teacher.   Now, her deepest desire is to blend her #joys #tears #laughter #pains #struggles, #highs #lows #talents, #failures and #gifts by creating a #soulful life living inward out and serving the community other #souls one by one!  

As destiny would have it, she met her #soulsister Destiny Rael, and their friendship soared!  Sharing similar #soulosophies, #soulstories, interests, passions, desires, dreams and well, both being #leos, they have finally partnered together to create the #SOULSHIFT movement.  

Colette is also the founder of theYOUpower.net empowering others to empower themselves as their OWN inner guru through mindfulness, wellness sound healing, reiki, meditations and a lot of Soul!



What is #SOUL to you? To me soul is the energy within that contains the unique essence of something, it's sense, power and destiny from one lifetime to the next. 

How do you serve your #SOUL? I try to be as clear as possible with myself, thoughts and feelings at all times, and truly try to follow what brings me joy in life. Whether that be by doing things in the day that make me feel good, spending time with people that make me feel good, being in environments that make me feel good, eating foods that make me feel good. Creating, being mindful, meditating, expressing my heart, and getting enough sleep! The exchange of love between my husband, dog, family and friends serves my soul.. and a good ole eruption of laughter from time to time!

What is your #soulname? (What words would be used to name your #SOUL? How would your #SOUL like to be introduced?) LIGHT. (But probably translated into some ancient language). I think my soul is named after it’s purpose, to bring ‘light' whilst here on earth.

What is your #soulcolor? (Which color does your #SOUL express itself through? What does this color mean to you?) It’s kind of a glowing white, yellow light. To me this represents purity, clarity and lightness. And the yellow tinge represents, positivity, brightness and uplifting, contagious happiness. 

What is your #soulsaying? (If your #SOUL would say one thing to you right now, what would it say?) Be kind to yourself, to others and to love more in every possible way.