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“Only the #SOUL knows what LOVE is”

~ Rumi

It should go without saying that February is the celebrated month of LOVE!  With Valentine’s day on February 14th and being the traditional holiday to honor “romantic” love, this is a time where everywhere you turn there are hearts, flowers, candies and red balloons intended to shower those we LOVE and to express our LOVE.

It’s cute.  It’s sweet. Don’t get us wrong.  We LOVE it ;)

But as always, it has us thinking deeper about the #SOUL of LOVE...the  #soulstretching, heart expanding LOVE from our #SOUL!  And by all means, if that is adorning those we love with heart shaped candies, do it!

But we want to take it further than even romantic love, to #SOULOVE.

In asking ourselves, what love is… It may not be defined so easily.  It might be an indescribable feeling of knowing that comes from our core… just know it… feel it… we ARE it!  We believe...we ARE LOVE… that is our root essence!

THAT is the #SOUL of LOVE…….it is YOU! US! WE!  



~ Saint Augustine

Love feels good!  It is the highest realm to radiate from.  It exudes from our beings! It feels good to feel it.  It feels good to give it. It feels good to receive it.  It feels good to be it. Love has a powerful way to naturally connect us to our #SOUL because it is who we are!  It can stir us, shape us, turn us upside down with exhilarating joy!

Yet, there are times LOVE gets hidden, covered up, guarded, bogged down by other burdensome feelings… fear, hate, hurt…..  All of which can can equally drive us to act in ways that are not so loving…...or even experience that from others.

Whether in our individual lives or universally, there is a lot going on… As a whole, it is hard not to notice the world around us that reflects so much hatred, violence, depression and oppression.  Where is the LOVE in that if it is our core?

How do we get to the #SOUL of love then?  How do we BE love when we may have experienced such pain at the hands of someone else or by witnessing such hate all around.   You oftentimes hear we should “love anyway”,  “lead with love” or to “love thy neighbor” as if it is simple to bypass transgressions, wrongdoings or pains among us..  

So, how do we get there?

As #SOULSHIFTERS, we believe there is a way and that is to SHIFT back into our #SOUL and THEN let our #soulove lead the way.….  it starts from within...always. No matter what! We understand, if we are to be true, #soulful and honest, it would be hard to ignore or not acknowledge pain, anger or even fear that is present.  It is what we do with that and the choices we make from that place that matters… can we choose to express through love or hate? Fear or honesty?

If we ARE love that which comes from the essence of our #SOUL, then we have to BE the LOVE we wish to feel.  That is how we inspire it from others. It does not mean to just sit back and blow butterfly kisses to the world hoping for change….or being in denial or passive of not so loving ways around us…

What it DOES mean is #soulshifting ourselves back to where we came from…...#SOULove…and that shifts everything.

  • If you want to make a change, act from #SOULOVE…

  • If you want to express your feelings, whether anger or happiness, Speak your TRUTH from #SOULOVE...

  • If you want success, let your #SOULOVE be your motivation

  • If you want LOVE, BE #SOULOVE… because you ARE love…

LOVE is being authentic…

LOVE is being honest…

LOVE is being vulnerable…

LOVE is being true…

LOVE is being YOU…


And on that note… now just might be the time to buy yourself some red roses, a fluffy teddy bear to snuggle with and #SOULEBRATE LOVE this month and always…

Because LOVE really is all around… just look in the mirror… It is YOU!


YOU are the #SOUL of LOVE….


Destiny and Colette