#SOULeo: Harness the #SOUL of a LEO!!


This month we wanted to tap into the #SOUL of a LEO! 

Do you know any "Leo's" in your life or is that your #soulsign too? 

Interestingly, we both are Leo's and our mother's are leo's too, so it is hard for us not to recognize the power and #SOUL of the leo spirit.   So, whether you fall under a different astrological sign, take it all with a grain of salt,  pay no attention to it whatsoever or chart your entire life based on your #soulsign... we wanted to offer a few fun facts to take with you to summon the energy of the LEO or, rather #SOULeo!

Leo's, ruled by the sun and a fire sign, are known for their warmth, generosity, BIG heart, kindness, loyalty, energy, optimism, charm, bravery, leadership and speaking their truth...the list goes on..HA!  Of course, there are some apparent "not so great" traits connected to LEO's, but we will stay on the "optimism" train and focus on the positive. 

The LION is the ultimate mascot for Leo's symbolizing sovereignty, royalty, courage, strength, dignity and power

You don't have to be a "LEO" to tap into the essence of what they can represent.  We can all learn from the different #soulsigns regardless of the time of our birth.  In the case of #SOULeo, we ask you:  

  • What area of your life could you bring the essence of LEO traits to the forefront of your life?

  • What ways could you activate your own generosity more?  Open your heart wider?  Take the lead or become the leading role in your life?  Speak up and tell YOUR truth?   

  • How could you relate deeper to other "Leos" in your life knowing the characteristics they tend to operate from?  

Whatever your birth sign is, we hope you harness the LEO energy to ignite YOUR inner fire and step into the spotlight of YOUR life, ROARING like a Lion! 

Now get out there and ROAR!!!