You know how it is when you are working so hard on something on your computer, several tabs are open, different applications processing, you are typing away and then suddenly your computer freezes, nothing loads and the dreaded spinning wheel of “doom” just goes round and round and round….UGHHHHH…. So frustrating!!!

As irritating as it may be, usually that is a sign your computer is on overload and needs a REBOOT!  

Well, that is how our mind, body and #SOUL operate too.  When we are doing to much, running on overdrive, overwhelmed, overstimulated, overscrolling and overdoing.....we become #soulstressed and that can be a sure sign it is time to REBOOT YOUR #SOULDRIVE!

Let us tell you...we know this ALL to well!    

When we began #SOULSHIFT, not only have we been trying to setup and launch a brand, build our #soulshift community, develop products and programs, which has been a lot of work and has had us wearing many different hats!  Even in the thrill and excitement of it all, each and every step requires logistics, administration, content creation, branding, graphics, images, social media text, etc.. in addition to taking on tasks we have no idea how to even do! Haha!  All the while keeping up with the many ideas we have had to even get off the ground…… one of which was developing our program literally called… “REBOOT YOUR #SOULDRIVE”....

With the long days, late nights, delays, computers freezing, talking to GoDaddy reps so many times a day they had us on speed dial (ok, ok...a slight exaggeration), still in our pajamas, pulling our hair out, moments with our own wheel of doom... spinning and spinning….and #soulspinning.  

Turns out….WE were the ones that needed to Reboot OUR #SOULDRIVE!!

Needless to say, we were exhausted and burnt out.

While we met a lot of obstacles and detours, we definitely had our own #soulshifts along the way.

So, here is what we learned:

Having balance is essential.

Timing matters.

Allowing things to evolve naturally is freeing.

AND most importantly, it’s okay that we don’t have everything figured out or know everything about everything….yet!  We are in the development process, learning a lot about ourselves, redefining and clarifying what we want, strengthening our capabilities, #soulstretching our abilities and even crafting our communications better.  

Through the frustrations, we found value by the clarification of what we do and don’t want as we take the next #soulstep forward.  It’s through trial and error in life that guides us where we want to be and whilst the process could have been smoother it gave us an opportunity to practice what we preach.  We are always our best #soulstudents when we look for the lessons that can be found in our life experiences.

The exciting part of this, it pushed us to be able to take on new roles by gaining a new sense and awareness for the skills involved in these positions.  It deepened our knowledge and appreciation for the people who DO take on these tasks on a daily basis.

The value gained has been priceless as we have expanded our mindset, or #soulset ;) solidified our partnership and reinforced our mutual vision!!

The takeaway for us?  

Is that you can still be passionate, proactive and productive while releasing control, force and constraint.

Now we are trying to apply these #soulizations and share them with you!

We have a few suggestions so that you can better navigate through your own challenges, frustrations or when you just feel out of control.

What current situation are you seeking to #soultox in your life? What area of your life has you feeling out of control or frustrated?

Here are a few #soulsteps we suggest:

1. EMBRACE the #soulgrowth.  

  • Ask yourself, are there any opportunities in this situation to learn from?  

  • What new roles are you taking on to expand your knowledge and increase your #soulskills?

2. ACKNOWLEDGE where you may be overloading your #souldrive.  

  • Figuratively speaking, what files can be deleted or reorganized in your mind?  

  • Are there tasks you can delegate to the appropriate people and allow #soulspace for those to do what they do best?

3. ACCEPT the obstacles and outside delays that are beyond your control. We hear you!!  The wheel of doom is #soulspinning and your mind is in overdrive, you don’t have time for this.  Rather than work against the glitches, ask yourself:

  • What can this delay be asking of you?

  • How can it potentially serve you?

  • Will you look for alternatives to consider?

  • Are you willing to consider this may have different timing to your plans?

  • Can you allow it to unfold as it will?

4. TAKE purposeful action! Keyword being 'purposeful', not impulsive or from a place of urgency, anxiety or haste but with intent, resolve and clarity.  

  • From this space and with a clean, rebooted #souldrive can you see your vision or idea clearer now?

  • What is the most effective action step you can take from where you now are to get you to where you want to be?

5. TRUST your #soul and know this:  If it is ultimately on your true #souldrive and is important to YOU, it WILL continue to speak to your heart and all WILL get done in due time!

  • So, now that you have taken purposeful action, can you trust, release and allow the rest to follow?  

  • Can you distinguish between patience and determination, trusting ultimately in yourself!? Your vision? Your #SOUL’s calling?


We hope these tips can help you the next time you feel in overdrive, overwhelmed and #soulstressed, just rinse, recycle and repeat as needed.  

If you are really ready for a #SOULTOX then we have the ideal #soulware for you.  Click to get your ‘Reboot Your #SOULDRIVE’ package to switch off from your devices and ON to you!!