(to build your #soulcommunity)

As you may have read in our last blog, “Reboot Your #SOULDRIVE” we have had an interesting few months navigating all the technologies, #soulroles and new #soulskills we’ve had to learn to launch our brand #SOULSHIFT, not to mention all that’s been required to set up #soulshop online.  

We stepped back, rebooted and now that the website has gotten underway and is functioning well, our next step has been getting to grips with social media.  Or, as we like to say, #soulfulmedia.

Social media has so many wonderful assets; it gives everyone a platform to share their story, have a voice and develop a like-minded community.  Whether you are following the daily lives of your family, friends, celebrities or insta-influencers, it gives us all an opportunity to inspire and be inspired by others.

Through photos we can catch up with people’s daily lives, follow current events, or may discover new products, vacation ideas, food, cultures, lifestyles, people and content that we resonate with.

Through text we may discover movements, stories, quotes, ideologies and words that speak to us about ourselves or the world we live in.  Or find out the latest updates from a far-away cousin… Or, even come across a post that makes for a good belly laugh!

All of which has the opportunity to #soulspire us or ignite something within to take positive action!

On the ‘not-so-#soulside’... a feed only shows you a branded perspective of what the curator wants to present- which may not reflect their “real-life,” thoughts, emotions or the reality of their true feelings behind the scenes.

It can also lead us to compare and contrast to our own lives, seeing images of others “flaunting it all”, could maybe trigger us to criticize ourselves, or them, or feel we have to keep up with the information we are exposed to…

It is important to remind ourselves that a number of likes, followers or comments does not represent personal worth, credibility or success.  We know this first-hand as we’ve been trying to build own #soulcommunity, it was hard at first to not compare ourselves to other people with thousands of followers,  engagement and seeming success.  Even as we write this, we know you just might be the only one reading this, but hey, we are #soulsharing and if that connects or can make a difference with one person, it is worth it!

The one thing we can all agree on is that social media has the potential to reach a LOT of people, instantly, with a message but #soulfulmedia has the potential to meet the RIGHT people with the RIGHT message.  That is our #soulmission!

As we are collectively a life coach and energy healer, (both with a background in the music industry), we might not feel fully qualified to reign the world of social media, (which is a job in itself with most companies having an entire social media team dedicated to this department.)

But, even though we may be somewhat unfamiliar with the best strategies to cultivate our budding space in the vast realms of social media, we are determined and believe we can and will grow into a wide-reaching movement... #soulshifting the entire #soulfulmedia community!

One #soulstep, or #soulpost at a time!

If you feel like us, it might seem a little overwhelming to take on social media as there are a lot of different approaches and ways to use it to your advantage and share a message with the world!

But how do you find the right one for you??

You may or may not choose to document your lives through minute to minute ‘stories' like a reality show, create highly artistic imagery, or utilize the most original quotation graphics, or even be always-camera-ready for a photo-op! (Personally, we spend a lot of time in our sweatpants…)

Not everyone can be an art director, graphic designer, photographer or social media marketer... and come to think of it, some of us aren’t even that tech-savvy with our phones, or don’t want to expose too much of ourselves…

Whatever you do choose, let it come from your #soul.


1. BE AUTHENTIC. What is your mission, voice, talent, brand? Who are YOU? People want to connect with the real you, your truth.  You will be much more approachable if you are being yourself, or #soulself.

2. POST FROM THE HEART.  Does it light you up?  If not, then how do you expect others to be lit up? Whether you are trying to build a brand or just trying to connect with your friends, be true to you and post from your heart, whatever speaks to you - that is what makes you “YOU-nique” which no one can do but YOU!!

3. CONNECT.  One of the great things about #soulfulmedia is the way you are able to connect, #soul2soul with so many other people in different places. Introduce yourself, say hello, participate on their platform if you like them and their community.  Engage and get yourself out there!

4. DON’T COMPARE.  This is a big one!  Everyone is unique, on their own path, with their own set of talents and their own story to tell… Which might not be your #soulstory.  There’s no use comparing yourself to others who have done it “their way” as you are doing it your way.  Be you! Be True and share YOUR #soul drawn from your inspirations and experiences.

5. BE INSPIRED.  By whatever you’re drawn to, not by the amount of likes or followers but by whatever #soulstrikes you, whatever lights you up that you want to shout from the rooftops and #soulshare with your community.  That’s how you build the right #soultribe.

Speaking of, if you haven't already, click here to #SOULCONNECT with us and join our #soultribe!!  You can share your #soulshift story with us too here: #SHAREYOURSOUL

These are a just a few things we have learned in navigating our way through #soulful media and happy to share them with YOU!!  We hope you too can use #SOULcial media to inspire and be inspired from and through YOUR #SOUL.   

Get our there and #SOULSHINE your light for the world to see!!

With Love and of course….#SOUL!

Colette and Destiny


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