Happy #SOULidays Blog


It has been said, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”….  And it quite possibly is true…the hustle and bustle can have an infectious feel good energy with an extra buzz in the air and skip in our step.  Regardless of religious traditions or spiritual rituals followed, there is an element of #soulebration all around.  Tis the season to be #SOULful!  

For us at #SOULSHIFT, it is a time where all spiritual beliefs can unite collectively to spread the merriness and joy of the #SOULidays and uplift the #soul!

Which has got us thinking…

Why does it only have to be this time of year that is “the most wonderful?”  What would happen if we brought the #SOUL of the season to every day…ALL YEAR LONG?  Wouldn’t that be wonderful!? More #soulful?

The “HOLIDAYS” innately offer up so many opportunities to FEEL and connect to our #SOUL that we can ring in any time of the year.  How can the season be a reminder as we go about our everyday lives?

It will help to notice what the spirit of the holidays actually gives us…

Whether our neighbors are hanging twinkling lights outside their house or our friends are lighting a Menorah, this time of year is filled with festivities that brighten up the town like the glowing light of the sun.

The spirit of the holidays is about togetherness, connection and joining in which can help bring us together #soul to soul, to really be present and enjoy time with friends, play games at family gatherings or to let loose with colleagues at the holiday mixer.   For some, it might just be a time of finally winding down from the busyness of daily life and relax, unwind and even rewind to remember nostalgic sentiments of our childhood.

Whether we follow a specific religion, tradition or culture, one of the common threads of the #SOULidays is GIFTING.  Through giving presents and sentiments we often find a way to express our love, thoughts and gratitude to those who mean something in our lives. The shops are bustling with people buying trinkets and treasures for that special someone, online orders are reeling in and those of you #soulsavvy crafters are creating and making things for that person in mind.  It’s the thought that counts as you find your unique way to display your token of thanks and meaning to that person. A gift from the heart, or from the #soul, is the ultimate way to give to those so dear to us.

Now, if we are going to be talking about the #SOULidays we HAVE to mention #SOULFOOD!!!  What better time to indulge with #soulgoodies and treats!?! As the nights get longer, we cosy up warm inside, it can be so fun to have an extra cup of hot cocoa, or to cook and bake fueling our inner #soulfire. You may even have traditions, special recipes, delectable dishes, entertaining and feasts to pass down to your family and friends that create a lifetime of #soulful memories.  Not only does this time of year tend to fill our bellies, but can also FILL our #souls.

While we might be indulging, we might also begin purging, as the calendar year is drawing to an end, we often use the #SOULidays to reflect, review and release the year that has been and begin to look ahead with new ideas and set #soulintentions for the new year that offers a clean slate for new beginnings, hope and dreams!  A new #soulstart!

While we bring up the joyfulness of the holidays, it is important for us to consider the flip side, or as we say, the #soulside.  We want to acknowledge how this season may not always be an uplifting time of jolly, connecting, gifting, indulging and setting new intentions.  For some, this season may bring bouts of extreme stress or even more so, intense sadness.

The holidays often expand the grief of loved ones lost with constant reminders they are no longer here to “celebrate” with.  Perhaps they amplify a financial burden not able to “release” in the new year. The “festivities” might exaggerate cracked family dynamics or bring overwhelm in hosting the yearly gathering.  

One thing is for sure, whether it’s emotions, grieving, loving, spending, eating, celebrating, gifting, decorating, etc… The #SOULidays are a time where everything is #SOULSTIRRED… our hearts are #soulstretched and without a doubt, an opportunity to shift more into our #soul.   

The question is, will we pay attention, listen and honor whatever the #SOUL of the season is stirring within us and can we let it serve as a reminder to us in our daily lives?  Will we allow whatever is coming to the surface reveal itself to shift further into our #souls or even have deeper understanding, compassion and connection to another…no matter the time of year?

So as we reflect on our earlier question; How can we ring in the #SOUL of the season all year long?  How can we use the virtues of the season to serve as daily reminders?

We have a few ways to consider:

  • PRESENCE - “#SOUL to the World, for YOU have come!”  Not to just exchange presents, but offer YOUR presence.  Enjoy the moment with those you love and those you meet… and whatever traditions you have, take a breath to soak up the festivities to bring joy to your #soul.  While the holidays usually are filled with events or office parties that sort of give us a reason to connect deeper or loosen up a bit. Find ways to connect more every day!  You might learn something about a coworker you never knew or your distant cousin. How can you continue this all year long? Are there team building events you could initiate at work? Could you host a bookclub and invite someone outside your circle?  Or, just something simple as speaking the cashier’s name back to them as you thank them for their service! Bring your #soul to the world, acknowledge others presence and let your presence be the gift that keeps on giving!

  • COMPASSION - “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with YOU!”  Every day is an opportunity to have more peace on earth and stretch your heart to give love, understanding and compassion.  Even if…wait…ESPECIALLY if it’s that pesky neighbor or irritating colleague, we don’t always know what is going on for another person, so how can we have more compassion for them anyway? Or ask more questions? Or love them forward, despite challenging or “unlovable” behaviors.  Think of others around you, most often those closest to you that may need a #soulboost and furthermore, extend yourself to show kindness to the stranger on the street. MORE IMPORTANTLY, be gentle and have compassion for yourself especially as you deal with the heartaches and pains that arise, it is your #soul speaking to you.  Listen and Love.

  • INDULGE THE #SOUL - “Deck the #soul with boughs of holly, fa la la la la” …Fill your the spirit with good food, good times and good people! From the scent of Christmas pine trees, holiday candles and baking, to the glow from the fireside and string lights, to the sound of carols and cheer in the air, let it allllll in!  Start everyday in awe and wonder of the simple pleasures that offer YOU joy! It doesn’t just have to be holiday time to partake! While we are all about setting #soulgoals and intentions…it’s ok to indulge and allow yourself the pleasures that fill and fulfill YOUR #soul!  

  • REFLECT & RENEW - “There’s no place like home for the #SOULidays”…Home truly is where your #SOUL is, so take time out for yourself.  Give yourself the needed breaks your #soul calls for and allow yourself to cosy up inside to mull over what you need to reflect on.  Although, universally the calendar says we start a new year on January 1st, you can start a new year, a new day, a new minute anytime YOU want!!  Only you know when something is shifting and surfacing within you, so pay attention! Reset, Renew, Relax and Rejuvenate to start fresh any time you need.

  • #SOULEBRATE- “#Soulbells ring, are you listenin’, in YOUR lane your #soul is glistenin!”   Raise your spirit and use the merriness and contagious cheer to give yourself a #soulboost.  You have access to the holly jolly anytime when you shift your focus on what IS going right, the things you ARE doing and for things you CAN find appreciation for.  We tend to be harder on ourselves and sometimes others, we forget how much there is to be grateful for.  Remind yourself of the wins and triumphs, they are there!! Find ways to #SOULEBRATE! Perhaps even step out of your comfort zone to bring more #soulful cheer, whether it’s challenging yourself to go along to the neighbors party or to grab the mic for a fun song at the kids karaoke party.  Have more fun! You can make time celebrate any day to unite, to uplift, to fill up with joy and pass it along to others!  ENJOY!

These are just a few ways to make YOUR every day the most wonderful, #SOULFUL time of the year!

May your #soul stay as lit up as the tree lights and YOU have a


With all our LOVE and #SOUL,