Live Workshop "Build Your #SOULEMPIRE"

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Live Workshop "Build Your #SOULEMPIRE"


We all have big goals, dreams and desires that we are striving to attain in the material world, but first we need to lay the groundwork and building blocks from our inner world.

What do YOU want to build the FOUNDATION of your life on?

IS YOUR EMPIRE built from your#soul?

Are YOU ready to grow your SPIRITUAL wealth based on your inner riches?

Are looking for fulfillment in your career, relationships, love, finances, health and/or your spiritual life?

ARE YOU ready for #soul empowerment??

In this workshop you will discover what you TRULY value and how you can TRANSFORM your life from the INSIDE OUT. You will discover more purpose, clarity and direction to get to your #soul destination.

We will help you reconnect with yourself, get to the depth of the real you and work #soulward out to BUILD YOUR #SOULEMPIRE


An interactive workshop designed to take you #soulward out

Guided Life Coaching exercises and tools

Reiki healing, meditation and soundbath

A lighthearted way to go deep

Connect soul2soul with others in real conversations - #soultalk

A supportive, non-judgmental space to share

Forward movement in your life

One complimentary class card per person to use at Wanderlust Hollywood!

Note: Event parking at Wanderlust is $20 per car. We highly recommend allowing additional time for street parking (please read all street signage), ridesharing, or using Uber/Lyft

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