Combining Colette’s work as an Energy Healer, using the power of Reiki and her custom-designed Sound Bath guided meditations, along with Destiny’s skills and tools as a Transformational Life Coach, we have created a unique and customized series of workshops, each one focusing on a certain theme with the intention of inspiring a #SOULSHIFT within you.

Explore below for more detailed description of each one and let your #SOUL guide you.

See upcoming #soulevents to sign up or #soulconnect if you are interested in our offerings!

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Coming Soon!

These ongoing events will be YOUR opportunity to SHINE!! Maybe you are a performer or have a secret talent up your sleeve that you are ready to introduce to the world, whether it's comedy, magic, music, acting or entertaining, these events give you a chance to invite your friends and family around to see you in all your #soulshining glory! See our #soulevents page for more details.

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If you would like information to host a #SOULSHIFT or #SOULSHINE event at your venue, corporation or residence please #soulconnect with us through our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you and hosting your next event!