A Recharging Soundbath Experience

Time to turn off the digital and turn on the spiritual in this relaxing sound bath guided meditation as we take you offline to #soulalign. 

Have you been running on overdrive? overwhelmed? #soulstressed? Or are you feeling sluggish? running slow or run down? Have you been staring at the wheel of doom and feel ready to reboot? Switch off and disconnect from your devices as this guided meditation connects to your desires and cleans up your #souldrive. A sound bath designed to stop scrolling and start #soulling with a digital #soultox and guided discussion to bring you out of the virtual and into the actual with presence and peace in mind, body and, of course, #soul.  

What you can expect from this workshop:

  • A relaxing guided meditation
  • Blissful music from seven crystal singing bowls
  • A frequency / chakra tuning
  • A device-free, stress-free experience
  • Connect to #yoursoulfie
  • Guided Discussion
  • Peace, Relaxation and feelings of Recharge.

Purchase ticket below to attend this workshop on 

March 4th from 2.30pm - 4.30pm at 'Aum & Garden', Ventura Blvd.