A #Soulspirational Workshop


Are you ready to be inspired or shall we say, #soulspired? Empowered? This Soulspirational workshop will guide you to align your truest self with your heart, mind, power and spirit with YOUR soul through a series of tools to discover and create your own unique personalized #soulstatement.  This workshop is designed to connect you with your #soulpurpose bringing clarity and empowerment to innermost desires.  

Here is a #soulsprinkle of what you can look forward too: 

  • Illuminating Tools and techniques to create your personal soul mission statement
  • Interactive Discussions
  • Group exercises
  • Positive transformation exercises in mind, body and spirit
  • Guided Sound Bath Meditation
  • Reiki healing
  • Crystal to take home to recharge the vibration of your statement any time.

This is an interactive 3 hour workshop with group discussion, motivating, realizations and a deepening, meditative sound bath to further connect your #soulstatement and #Soulidifing into the body.