Fifty Shades of #Soul 

What are your true colors? Are you ready to paint the canvas of your SOUL??? 

This creative workshop connects you to deeper parts of yourself involving colors and creativity to tune into you and discover your personal #soulshade.  If you were to connect and accept the various polarities within you, the dimensions, emotions, feelings, thoughts, ideas and experiences that make us YOUnique, what would that look like?  Feel like? Be like?  We invite you to visualize the kaleidoscope of your  Soul by exploring the multi-faceted expressions revealed by creating the masterpiece of your own #soulmaking.  

Here is a #soulsprinkle of things to look forward to:  

  • Creative Activation
  • All canvases, paints and materials included
  • Group Discussion
  • Guided Meditation
  • FUN and Laughter!