How could we enter the #SOULiday Season and not talk about the man who who epitomizes the spirit & #SOUL of the holidays?  With his all-embracing generosity, gift-giving and altruistic nature, we could not think of a more perfect #SOULebrity for December than that of Mr. Santa Claus himself!!!  (Also known as Father Christmas, Père Nöel, Kris Kringle, Sinterklaas and goes allll the way back to the 4th Century inspired by a Bishop known as Saint Nicholas.)

We of course had to add our own name to the list…#SOULclaus!!  

Nonetheless, he is one of the most famous people in the world… and for all the right reasons!!  He exemplifies the values and virtues of #SOULSHIFT and surpasses the #soulstandards we look for in determining our #SOULebrity!  We made our list and didn’t even have to check it twice!

Let us tell you why!  

Today we are familiar with the image of an exuberant, jolly man with a heart as expansive as the belt which stretches across his bountiful belly.  A larger-than-life generous man known to grant your holiday wishes with the help of his reindeer and elves… and will deliver your desires in a stocking hung by your fireplace.  A man in a bright red suit, with white beard and rosy cheeks, flying across the world in his sleigh and blessing the world with merriness, singing “ho ho ho”.

However, there is much more to this jolly old man.  It all began with Bishop Nicholas who lived in the 4th Century in ancient Turkey (at the time known as Myra). He was a very rich man, that had been left a lot of money in his youth when his parents died. Reputation has it that he was also a very kind man and was known for helping the poor and giving secret gifts to people in need.  Apparently, he helped a very poor father with three daughters be able to afford to get them married so he could pay their grooms the wedding ‘dowry’ to take care of his girls.  One night Nicholas secretly dropped a bag of gold coins down the chimney which fell into a stocking that had been hung there to dry. (#soulnote - this is now why we hang our stockings by our fireplace awaiting Santa Claus).  The next morning the poor man found the bag of money, much to his #soulsurprise, and the eldest daughter was able to be married, this secret coin delivery was then repeated for the next daughter. So after that, the old man hid by the fire every evening to see who was dropping the coins until one night he saw Nicholas dropping the bag of gold.

The humble nature of Nicholas meant that he did not want the town to know it was him who had been secretly helping those in need with monetary gifts or tokens of help, he wanted to give gifts and use his wealth to pay forward to help others, without need for celebration or recognition. But it was this self-less-ness that went on to make him a Saint and to be remembered year after year by the generations and cultures to follow. Not only do we celebrate St Nicholas’ day on December 6th but we continue the legend through the spirit of “Santa Claus,” bringing joy, happiness, gifts and lighting up homes all around the world every holiday season!

St. Nicholas is also the Saint of children and sailors, he is known to have helped many throughout his lifetime and has left behind an extraordinary legacy.  His kindness, selfless heart, generosity, and #soulfulness makes us #soulseek to find that humble kindness and altruism in our own hearts, to be of more service to others, to ask what we are able to do to help others, gift to others, be more charitable and to pay it forward.  

We hope you too can be inspired by his nature and do the same.    

Santa Claus is a household name and a legend to many, but it is the #SOUL of Santa that makes him a true #SOULebrity!!!