MAY: #SOULEBRITY of the Month

“The Highest Human Act is to Inspire”

~ Nipsey Hussle

For our May #SOULEBRITY of the month, we wanted to honor and pay tribute to a true #soulshifter; son, father, brother, fiance, GRAMMY-nominated rapper, activist, entrepreneur and #souladvocate...


Born Ermias Joseph Asghedon, Nipsey Hussle’s life was taken as he was tragically gunned down on March 31st, 2019.  

With our #soulebrity criteria to be one who uses their platform, fame and celebrity to uplift, inspire, shift, change and empower...Nipsey Hussle far succeeds that and exemplifies the very notion of what we mean by being a #SOULebrity.  His success and fame was a mere tool to fulfilling his #soulpurpose and his life speaks of the #soulseeds he was planting that will continue to blossom.  

Coming from a violent past and an involvement with the Los Angeles gang culture, his music spoke of the raw truth, unfiltered struggles of his life, culture and harsh realities he experienced and yet the prophecy of his legacy.

Despite his involvement in the LA gang environment, he #soulshifted his focus by becoming a community activist opposing the violence and instead working to influence, employ, empower and encourage the very underserved community he came from.  He invested in real estate to improve his neighborhood, set up a tech and science learning center for teens, launched a business co-workspace (Vector90) to offer ways for young entrepreneurs to benefit from a community environment, he spoke in the local schools, made charitable donations and offered so many more efforts to uplift and rebuild his community.  

Although we are not overly familiar with his music, we appreciate his talent and lyrical content, as his #soultruth penetrates the #soul, but like many others, it has only been since his passing we have come to know the powerful impact his life had and that far transcends his contributions of his music.  We have been so moved and inspired to learn how he made conscious, innovative choices to be BE the #SOULution to the hardships, challenges and issues he faced and knew other generations would continue to face if changes weren’t made and new opportunities weren’t presented.  He made them. He created them. He #SOULSHIFTed his community to rewrite a new story of hope for future generations to follow.

People of all walks of life and musical tastes have begun to recognize his #soulpower.  This is what Barack Obama wrote as a tribute that was read at Nipsey’s memorial service:

“I’d never met Nipsey Hussle, but I’d heard some of his music through my daughters, and after his passing, I had the chance to learn more about his transformation and his community work.

While most folks look at the Crenshaw neighborhood where he grew up and see only gangs, bullets and despair, Nipsey saw potential. He saw hope. He saw a community that, even though its flaws, taught him to always keep going. His choice to invest in that community rather than ignore it — to build a skills-training center and a coworking space in Crenshaw; to lift up the Eritrean-American community; to set an example for young people to follow — is a legacy worthy of celebration. I hope his memory inspires more work in Crenshaw and communities like it.”

Nipsey gave back AND payed it forward which went way beyond his financial and philanthropic contributions.  He stayed connected #soul2soul with the people of his community, he inspired so many young kids to a new way of life, thinking and being, he WAS the change he wanted to see!  He was a real #soulanthropist!

If you get to know us as #soulshift, we often talk of ways to BUILD YOUR #SOULEMPIRE, living life from the INSIDE out.  We ask you what you are building the foundation of YOUR life on?  What your #soul is rooted in? How can you can lay the groundwork and build the bricks from your INNER world?   

We don’t have to question what his life was being built on, it speaks for itself.  

It is clear, Nipsey Hussle was on a #soulmission building his #SOULempire brick by brick from his truth, spiritual wealth, inner drive and conviction and we can all look up to honor the wall of his #soulegacy.

“Instead of trying to build a brick wall, lay a brick everyday. Eventually you’ll look up and you’ll have a brick wall.”

- Nipsey Hussle

With love and #soul