#SOULEBRITY - Michael Franti.png

Every month we highlight a public figure as our featured #SOULEBRITY.  Someone who we feel is using their platform, #soulskills, gifts, talents, passions, voice and/or story to make a positive impact in the world.

This month we are excited to honor American singer/songwriter, poet, spoken word artist and musician, Michael Franti as our chosen #SOULEBRITY of the Month!

Michael has been involved in many #soulcially conscious musical groups over the years and is currently the front-man of “Michael Franti & the Spearheads”, releasing #soulful music with politically charged and spiritual themes.  One of his albums is literally called “SOULROCKER”... can you start to understand our connection with him already! ;)

Through his music Michael has a natural ability to connect #soul2soul.  He uses his #soultry voice and touching uplifting lyrics to speak to the #soul about what’s going on in the world around us and the world within us.   

But what really got us, was after watching his latest documentary “Stay Human” !  A MUST watch!  We were #soulspired by the genuine #soulman behind the music and Michael’s desire to seek and connect to the #soul in everyone.  He pays it forward by using his platform to share real life stories of inspiring individuals facing true challenges and hardships by showcasing their hope, drive and perseverance despite their struggles.   As Michael Franti explains:

“I’ve traveled the globe making music and throughout the years I’ve always hoped that it could inspire small steps towards making the world a better place.  Struggling with the challenges of the world I began filming my new documentary, Stay Human, telling the stories of heroic everyday people who helped me to discover more deeply what it means to be and STAY HUMAN.”

We were touched by the #soulmessages he shared and how they prompted us to question what it is to be human.  We believe we are all #souls living in a HUMAN body going through the trials and tribulations that we encounter on this vacillating life experience… or as we like to say going through #SOULSHIFTS and #SOULQUAKES of the #soul experience.  Ultimately, To learn. To grow. To expand. To evolve. To connect.  

Speaking of connection, we connect to so much of what Franti intends as we have similar intentions.  It has been noted that his hope is to “inspire people to become changemakers by utilizing creativity, tenacity, and heart to face our daily challenges as individuals, and together as citizens of our planet to STAY HUMAN”.   We agree…. of course, we would just add one more thing to his sentiment….and that of course,  is...#SOUL!!

It seems we as #soulshift have another thing in common with Franti, as he has a yoga retreat resort in Bali called “SOULSHINE”.... he is clearly on the same #soultrain as us, connecting #soul2soul to raise the #soulvibration!!!  As fellow #soulshiners we really hope that one day we will be able to join his retreat in Bali... (or who knows perhaps we can even collaborate and host a #SOULSHIFT workshop there??!!)

Either way, we love how Michael Franti is using his platform, his #soulful voice, songs and messages to connect #soul2soul and evoke #soulcial change, consciousness and awareness.  

Michael Franti is a true #SOULSHIFTER, a #SOULROCKER and that is why he is our March #SOULEBRITY of the Month!!!  Rock ON!