JULY: #SOULEBRITY of the Month


It’s that time of the month where we discuss which #soulebrities are inspiring us in their efforts to do good and promote positive change. In creating this monthly blog, we’ve realized that there are many philanthropic celebrities putting their time, resources and platform toward worthwhile causes and raising awareness for matters they are passionate about and it is remarkable! We love seeing the #soulshift ripple effect that they inspire in those they impact.  

One of these #soulanthropic celebrities whom we admire greatly and are incredibly #soulspired by is none-other than the talented, passionate, heartthrob actor / environmentalist...


Leo built his successful career as a young Hollywood actor on the big screen in huge blockbuster movies like Romeo and Juliet, Titanic, Gangs of New York, Inception and The Great Gatsby, to name a few.. He had his first movie role at age 15 and has since starred in almost 50 movies, being nominated six times for an Academy Award, eventually winning an Oscar for Best Actor for his role of Hugh Glass in The Revenant in 2016. DiCaprio is a household name, a teenage heartthrob, an actor icon of this generation and... apparently he has a heart and #soul as good as his looks.

In 1998, following the success of his early movies, he founded a non-profit organization with the #soulintention of promoting environmental awareness and funding charitable causes to #soulsave the planet. Over the last twenty years The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation has had a powerful impact that we find more impressive than his renowned acting career. 

Leo’s foundation has granted over $100 million in funds to over 200 projects focusing on those which conserve wildlife and landscapes, marine life and oceans, climate change and those to support indigenous rights. He also has established a specialist program in California to support transitioning to a system which supplies fully sustainable food, water and energy in Los Angeles. As well as a program to fund the development of cutting-edge media, science and technology to assist with future conservation efforts and environmentalism projects.

As the Founder and Chairman of TLF, Leonardo has used his showbiz industry expertise to create, produce, narrate or feature in numerous documentaries to highlight environmental issues, raise awareness and “ignite change”. That’s #soulbiz kids!!  Amongst his extensive film catalogue, these include 11th Hour, Cowspiracy, Before The Flood, Water Planet, and Global Warming.  

Leo’s vegetarian and sustainable lifestyle has him living #soulward out, using solar power (or shall we say #soular power) in his home and developing an eco-friendly resort on an island off Belize. It is fair to say that alongside being a movie-star, Leo is also a #souladvocate and #soulactivist to make this planet a better place, for ourselves and for future generations to come. He goes beyond the standard of what some consider to be an "influencer", he is an innovator of change and uses his social media channel with an audience of 32.3M to further educate on environmental causes and gather the communities support in petitions and promoting calls to action

Leo has not only raked in millions of blockbuster dollars with the success of his movie career, but he has also raised millions to fund environmental projects. In one benefit auction Leo was able to collect nearly $40million toward his foundation which is apparently the world’s highest-grossing environmental charity event ever held.

"Bid as if the fate of the planet depended on us."

~ Leonardo DiCaprio

It certainly seems as if he lives like the fate of the planet depends on us, especially by his urgency to communicate to global corporations and individuals to change their way of life for the #soul of the planet.  In accepting his 2019 Oscar for Best Actor, Leo used the opportunity to speak on climate change,

“Climate change is real, it is happening right now. It is the most urgent threat facing our entire species, and we need to work collectively together and stop procrastinating. We need to support leaders around the world who do not speak for the big polluters, but who speak for all of humanity, for the indigenous people of the world, for the billions and billions of underprivileged people out there who would be most affected by this. For our children's children, and for those people out there whose voices have been drowned out by the politics of greed


Leo is a #soulstar who has not only won an Oscar, three Golden Globes and one BAFTA but in September 2014, DiCaprio was also appointed as a United Nations Messenger of Peace with a specific focus on climate change. He was presented with the Clinton Global Citizen Award and has received much praise from environmental groups for his ecological work. Amongst his #soulaccolades include the Martin Litton Environment Award from Environment Now in 2001, the Environmental Leadership Award in 2003 as well as a VH1 Do Something Award.

Leonardo DiCaprio continues to make Hollywood movies, with his most recent role in Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” which premieres in theaters later this month, and alongside acting he continues to campaign and #soulserve on the board of the World Wildlife Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council, National Geographic’s Pristine Seas, Ocean’s 5 and the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

“It's not just global warming, it's not just a loss of biodiversity, it's not just the pollution of our oceans and the clearing of our rainforests and all these complicated systems, The [11th Hour] movie talks about the world economy, it talks about politics, it talks about personal transformation and environmental consciousness that we need to have in this generation to implement a lot of these changes that need to occur.”


On a personal #soulnote, as The #SOULSHIFTers, we collectively and individually consider the #SOUL in everything and that includes the very planet we live on.  We stand by Leonardo DiCaprio’s dedication and devotion and want to join him by contributing to the health and wellbeing of ALL #souls to be able to occupy a safe and thriving environment and leave a positive #soulprint on the very earth we stand. 

A lot of individual #SOULSHIFTs are required to be able to #SOULSHIFT the planet and reverse the direction we’re heading.  Leo serves as a call to #soulaction, a true #soulchampion, leading the way for a global #SOULSHIFT toward a better world, which makes him the epitome of what we consider to be a real #soulebrity. 

Thank you LEO!