Each month we are going to feature one #SOULEBRITY that we feel embodies our values here at #SOULSHIFT.  This month, our very first featured #SOULEBRITY has to be the one and only ELLEN DEGENERES!!  

She fits in perfectly with our THANKSRECEIVING theme this month (read more about that on our #soulblog here) because we feel that she is one of the most ‘de generous’ #souls out there (see what we did there?!!) and we have personally been on the receiving end of her altruism. Not only does she have the most cheerful daytime television show which brings light and laughter into many homes across the nation on a daily basis, her ultimate catchphrase always reminds us to “be kind to one another” and has a clothing brand ‘ED’ embroidered with “love” as it’s essential detail.  But she also uses her platform to support many notable charity causes as well as having several giveaways on her show to treat those fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of her generosity!

I (Colette) was lucky enough to be chosen to be in the television audience of her Mother’s Day television special where she had an abundance of giveaways for the entire audience of first time expectant mothers!!  I had applied online to be attend the taping of the television special having heard that it was a hot ticket for pregnant mamas in LA! I was thrilled when I was selected to be in the audience because I was almost 36 weeks pregnant by the shoot date and at that time I hadn’t bought anything for my baby.  As a first timer, I needed everything and I didn’t even know where to start! It was soooo much fun to be in the television audience on the Ellen show, especially for the Mother’s Day special, I had such a great experience, the energy was so fun, celebratory and excitable! Ellen was so lovely, kind and just glowed with an honest goodness and comedic charm.  Jennifer Garner was the special guest and she gave such lovely advice and wisdom for all us first-time expectant moms. And, we were all #SOULSHOWERED with wonderful gifts for our babies!!

I just felt sooo GRATEFUL just to be there with that amazing energy and pure thankfulness at being selected to receive so many goodies.  After the taping I drove out of the garage parking on the Universal studio lot with my car filled to the brim with gifts; I got a baby car seat, stroller, high chair, crib mattress, digital camera, a bag of ED clothing, an envelope filled with gift cards and a real opportunity to experience the thankfulness of receiving.  I also ended up having my baby just three weeks later and experienced the overwhelming gratitude in receiving the gift of motherhood, the gift of life, soul, health, love as well as the tremendous amounts of love, support and gifts from all our family & friends.

A true time where we received so much to be thankful & filled of gratitude for! …and going to ‘ The Ellen Show’ was a huge part of that time for me and has left me with amazing memories of Thanksreceiving!!

Not only has Ellen’s work on television connected to the #soul of the nation, winning her 30 Emmy’s and 20 People’s Choice Awards (more than any other person), but she has also used her voice as an activist for animal rights & protection, the LGBT community, speaking up as Hillary Clinton’s special envoy for AIDS Global Awareness and several other charities, and in 2016 was awarded with The Presidential Medal of Freedom for her meritorious contribution to society.

In reminding us to all “be kind to one another” to “love” and most importantly, to laugh, Ellen is a true #SOULSHIFTER for humanity and thus we deservedly declare Ellen DeGenerous as our very first “#SOULEBRITY Of The Month!