#SOULEBRITY - April | Amy Purdy.png

We are always excited to announce our #SOULEBRITY of the month because it brings us such joy to emphasize someone that we feel uses their "fame" and celebrity #SOULward out whether to encourage and motivate others or just do good in the world.  

For the month of April, we have chosen to feature a beautiful #soul, inside and out,  AMY PURDY! Amy is a paralympian, para-snowboarder, motivational speaker, author, designer, actress, model, philanthropist and you will soon come to know, a true #SOULSHIFTer!

We are inspired by her story and in admiration of her #soul's capacity to defy insurmountable odds,  #soulsoar to heights some would believe unattainable (even under normal circumstances) and #soulstretch beyond extreme limitations!  

Amy Purdy had what we define as a major #soulshifting moment, when at the age of 19 her life changed forever.  She contracted bacterial meningitis which caused septic shock and kidney failure, leaving her with less than a two percent chance of living.  Yet, the #soulsurvivor that she is, she survived the infection, but lost both of her legs below the knee, both of her kidneys and her spleen.  Two years later, she received a kidney donated by her father, which according to her, gave her a "second chance at life".  

It was during this time that she asked herself:  

"If my life were a book and if I were the author, how would I want the story to go?"

This is where her remarkable #soulstory really begins, as she did write the new chapter of her life even with various obstacles and challenges before her...

Having a passion and love for snowboarding since the age of 15, many thought she would never snowboard again, but Amy knew in her #soul almost instantaneously while fighting for her life, that she would find a way.  Not only did she find a way..she created a way!! With the use of her prosthetic legs (that she helped develop for the #soulpurpose of being able to snowboard again), she is now the top ranked adaptive snowboarders in the world becoming a two-time paralympian, three-time paralympic medalist and is currently the only double-leg amputee competing in snowboarding at the world-class level.  Wow! Even more, she was an Amazing Race participant, Dancing with the Stars contestant, global keynote speaker, NY best selling author, part of OPRAH’s SuperSoul 100 ANNNND... founded the organization, Adaptive Action Sports where she inspires and helps others with permanent disabilities get involved with action sports!   

This is just a #soulsnippet of all she has been able to surpass and accomplish.  We are just giving you mere highlights of her incredible journey, and even within her countless triumphs, there has still been uphill battles (not just on the slope) she has had to face.   Just this past February 2019, she went to the hospital for leg cramping to only find out it was much worse.  She had to undergo another surgery after it was revealed she had developed a massive blood clot in her leg, forcing her to choose between risking losing her leg or possibly endangering her donated kidney.  She chose to keep her leg and is still in recovery and healing, which she has said has been extremely painful.   I have to be honest, the multiple surgeries that I’ve had this week have put me through more discomfort & pain than I have ever endured in my life”.   

That says so much considering all she has already been through.

Although, she is still on the mend, we want to send her our loving thoughts and uplift her prayer for a recovery at #soulspeed! We are confident she will come back stronger, wiser and with the pen of her #soul in hand to write another page turning adventurous next chapter of her life... and yet again, remind us of the power of our own #soul’s capabilities and ability to get through anything life presents.  

We agree #soulheartedly when she says: “Really, the only limits we have are the ones we believe”.  The fact she has endured so much in her life thus far, mind, body and #soul and has  lived to TELL her story,  speaks so much of her #soulstrengh, tenacity, drive and passion.  

We would have to write a book of our own as to why her story is so #soultacular and we encourage you to learn more of her if you can!  Whether you are facing hardships, challenges or just inner doubts, allow Amy’s #soulshifting story to #soulspire you, motivate and lift you up and write YOUR story!  What will it be?

"When you are truly you and share who you are with the world and be confident in who you are,

it doesn't matter what size you are.

It doesn't matter what your different body parts look like."

Amy Purdy has shown us that our #SOUL is not limited to body parts (or the lack thereof), but that our #SOUL is limitless and boundless with purpose!  Each and every one of us can use our life experiences to #soulshape us and shift us deeper into our #SOUL despite tragedy or calamity...to not only write our own #soulstory but to be the hero of our journey and trust our #SOUL will guide the way!

Thank you Amy for being such an inspiration and we are thrilled to feature you as our #SOULEBRITY of the month...and always!!